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Mathira Mohammed Hot Photo Shoot Pictures - Pakistani Hot Model

Mathira Mohammed Hot Wallpapers - Pakistani Hot Model and Actress. She's hot, sassy and is called the Paris Hilton of Pakistan. Probably a bigger controversy Queen than Veena Malik, Mathira is a rebel who is changing the way Pakistan is perceived.
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Mathira Mohammed Spicy Pictures - Pakistani Model

2. Hot Yoga - The Beginning

Mathira debuted on Pakistani TV channels through a Yoga show on Vibe TV. She used to teach yoga fully covered and talked about things like 'yoga for a voluptuous body'. She became so popular, that the show came with a second season called Curvacious Yoga, and it had Mathira in a sports bra!

Mathira Mohammed Glamorous Pictures - Pakistani Model

3. Hoty and Glamorous Vj Mathira

As her popularity amongst the conservative masses of Pakistan sore, she became a rage on TV. Mathira then started hosting a live late-night programme called Love Indicator on Vibe TV. The content of the show was nothing short of raunchy. With a strange accent and uninhibited candidness of Mathira, the show got incredible viewership.

Mathira Mohammed Glamour Pictures - Pakistani Model

4. Notorious

The super confident lass speaks her mind and is scared of none - be it culture or fundamentalists. She talks about taboo subjects like se*x*uality, love and HIV/Aids openly and wears provocative dresses. This is precisely the reason Pakistani critics have been calling her names like raunchy and se*x* kitten. But there's no stopping this babe, as with each passing day she's grabbing eye balls and even getting many film offers.

Mathira Mohammad Photo Shoot - Pakistani Model

5. Controversial

Thanks to her uber-se*x*y VJing skills, Mathira is now hosting another show called Baji Online on Aag TV and it is already being condemned in Pakistan. She's pushing the limits in her ultra-conservative country - facing the flak from some who call her immoral and at the same time getting admiration for her courageous and independent thinking, by others. We see a new league rising in Pakistan, let us wait and watch what this kitten does next to shock the world.

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